Thursday, March 20, 2008

Five Years On....

......since "Mission: Accomplished". Where are we now?:

3900 dead American soldiers

Countless dead Iraqi civilians

Gas headed for $4 per gallon

An economy in free fall

No WMD's

No connnection between Iraq and 9/11

Squandered post-9/11 goodwill toward the US

No end in sight.

Heckuva job, Georgie.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This Sums It Up

Not to tip my politictal hand, but this quote from a poster on dailykos today pretty much hits the nail squarely on the head:

Saying that Hillary has Executive Branch experience is like saying Yoko Ono was
a Beatle.



Rock And Roll (TM) Hall Of Fame Inducts Madonna; Heads Explode

As you've no doubt heard by now, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame turned a few heads with the announcement of the 2008 inductees. Let's review them now:

Farm Aid-er John Mellancamp (no word as to whether or not he lets them use the whole "Cougar" thing on his bust)

Philly Soul producers Kenny Gamble andf Leon Huff

Leonard Cohen

The Dave Clark Five

The Ventures


What?! Madonna?! She's not a rocker, dammit! There was a fair degree of outrage from forum posters and some critics regarding this offense against all that is rock. MAdonna is a freakin' pop star, who got played on Top 40 Radio, and was liked by teenaged girls! (Kinda like The Beatles?)

Everyone is missing the point: The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame is a total joke!

Come on, this is supposed to be about Rock and Roll! What does the name mean if not anti-establishment, non-conforming, piss off your parents rebellion? Can anything be more staid ans stuffy than an officvail Hall of Fame, with only worthy inductees each year, along with the accompanying "controversy" when your favorite band didn't make the cut? What a crock. I know that the ship of integrity sailed quite some time ago for most of the music business, but seeing these bloated egos get together every year and pat themselves on the back is simply something that can't be tolerated.

The "museum" section of the Hall is a neat thing to have - I'm all for preserving artifacts from bygone eras to give people some kind of perspective on past history, but the whole bust and plaque garbage is uneeded and unnecessary.

Congraulations Material Girl!