Saturday, January 07, 2006

Are You Being Monitored?

Hmm…seems like President Bush is walking down the slippery slope of surveillance without using warrants. I understand the whole “we gotta root out the terrorists” angle, but does anyone really think the potential for misusing this power will go untapped? Honestly, it’s not like politicians would do stuff like monitor those deemed “political enemies”, “radicals” or anything. Sorry, but I’m too jaded to believe that this won’t be abused.

Just to see if they’re listening to you, answer the phone thusly:

“F#@* Cheney, hello?”

Not only will you freak out Telemarketers, but you’ll find out pretty quickly if you’re on the list or not. Of course, you might get tortured at some point, but sometimes you have to pay the price to make a political statement.
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