Friday, October 06, 2006

NFL Picks - Week 5

Back to my lofty heights last week, with a 10-4 outing. This week, I'm leaning heavily on home cookin', picking only two road teams.

This past week got me to real life, if you intentionally stepped on someones face while they were on the ground, what would your penalty be? Jail time, at least? A hefty fine and some community service, perhaps? Not in the National. Football. League! Five games, which I guess amounts to a hefty fine, is your penance. I want to work in a place where I can do things which would break the law and my only penalty would be to not get paid for a predetermined period. Punch your co-worker in the jaw? Two Weeks. Throw a stapler at the receptionist? Ten days!

On to the selections....

St. Louis over GREEN BAY
Rams might be the uglist 3-1 team ever, but the Pack is truly wack, despite hanging tough for a half against Philly last week. This could be the week the St' Louis offense punches in a few TD's, instead of setling for yet another Jeff Wilkins FG.

NEW ORLEANS over Tampa Bay
Saints looking good, especially in the dome. Bucs are in a downward spiral, and Gradowski is not the guy to pull them out of it. Don't feel to bad, Johnny Gruden, you could have stayed with the Raiders and been really miserable.

INDIANAPOLIS over Tennessee
Another easy W for the Colts. Can't see them scoring less that 30 here, and Titans are in full blown rebuilding mode now.

MINNESOTA over Detroit
Hmm...Vikes having trouble scoring, while Lions having trouble stopping anyone. I smell a breakout week for Brad Johnson and Co. Could be a wild one, since Martz has the Detroit offense clicking a little bit.

N.Y. GIANTS over Washington
Giants can't be this bad, can they? I have to think they will be ready after having two weeks to stew over the Seattle debacle. 'Skins offense finally found their stride over the past two weeks, so maybe we'll see a 37-34 here.

CAROLINA over Cleveland
Browns looking better, and Panthers have clawed back to 2-2. Still think Carolina is too tough, and should win, even if it is ugly.

NEW ENGLAND over Miami
Pats showed the world they are still tough by smoking Bengals last week. Miami looks completely lost right now, and Culpepper might not play. I can't see Joey Harrington rescuing them here. Big days for the multitude of Tight Ends employed by the Pats, and they'll win easily in front of crowd whihc doesn't have to worry about how the Red Sox are doing.

SAN FRANCISCO over Oakland
Bay Area Stink Bowl. Niners are still a much better team, despite getting pasted in KC last week. Raiders don't even utilize best weapon, Randy Moss, anymore. how much longer can Al Davis endure in a league that has completely passed him by?

Kansas City over ARIZONA
Astute observers will note that I pick the Chiefs every week, no matter what. Despite offensive line issues, I see them taking this one. New and improved defense should harass rookie Matt Leinart and Co., and this one could be shockingly low scoring.

Jags are banged up, and Jets are still pissed about last second loss to Indy. I can see them staying close here, but Jacksonville gets a tough win at home. Jets wil be a scary team in the second half as they gain more confidence, and start pulling out these tight games.

TO sideshow aside, this could be the game of the week. Eagles are hurting at some key offensive spots, but defense will be charged up at home and ready to give Drew Bledsoe fits. Both teams need this one, but when presses I'll go with Philly in fromnt of their crazy ass fans.

SAN DIEGO over Pittsburgh
Can't figure out the Steelers at all - is this what a post-Super Bowl hangover looks like? Shawn Merriman can make Roethlisberger's life hell, and the Bolts will prevail.

DENVER over Baltimore
Broncos have one of the biggest home field advantages in the league, at least during the regular season. Still not fully sold on the Ravens, despite solid defense. Denver D is just as tough, and I can see McNair taking a pounding. As usual, a key factor will be the play of Jake Plummer - if he doesn't turn it over, Broncs will win.

Last week: 10-4
Season: 39-21 (65.0%)
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