Sunday, January 21, 2007

Currently wearing out my iPod.....

Like anyone should give a crap about anyone else’s iPod, right? Relax, this won’t be a list of all the stuff currently on my device. This soon to be recurring feature will feature songs that I’m currently enjoying. You might not like them, you might love ‘em. Either way, I suggest you check them out.

Two new songs, which unlike most stuff on my iPod actually are new, are currently in heavy rotation on said device, and warrant your listening attention.

Cold War Kids, “Hang Me Up To Dry”

This was a featured Single of the Week on iTunes a few weeks back, and if you were lucky enough to grab it, kudos to you. I can’t see this ever becoming a radio-friendly hit, but it definitely grows on you with repeated listens. Like the song below, I have a need to hear this song daily. These guys manage to sound unlike anyone else, and the pulsating tempo is still in my head hours after each listen. Very promising...

Cold War Kids (myspace page)

Pete Yorn, “For Us”

Caught this on the VH1 Video Countdown show last weekend, sandwiched among nineteen other songs commonly heard on any pop radio station. How this made the list puzzles me: I haven’t heard it on the radio at all, and the video is certainly nothing extraordinary. The song, however, is catchy as hell, and I find it necessary to listen to it at least once per day, usually more than that. I have not heard anything else from Yorn, but “For Us” is a great tune, straightforward Indie guitar based pop. Dave Grohl chips in on the drums for the tune, which just adds to the cool. I will definitely check out the rest of his current album on Rhapsody, and can see more purchases in my future if those songs are anywhere near this good.

Pete Yorn's Site

Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

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