Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Line Just Moved Again

I'm still a fan of so-called "reality" TV and Game Shows, despite some of the recent offerings. Two new shows have lowered the bar, and the line I said I wouldn't cross just keeps moving.

To wit:
Do we really need another Pussycat Doll? It seems that they already have about five members too many in this "band". I suppose it's more titillating to have the half-dressed stripper band audition for a new hoochie mama, which would presumably equal ratings. Then I remembered this show was on The CW (who named this network?), where anything over 100 viewers is considered a good showing. Why a group with one member who has even the slightest bit of music related talent (that would be the lead singer, whose name I am too lazy to even Google) would need another person to compete for face (and midriff, and butt cheek) time in the next video is beyond me, but I guess that's why I'm not a TV executive.

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?, on the other hand, is a steaming pile of garbage. Forget the fact that in a one hour episode they will ask about six questions. Forget the fact that this show received ridiculously high ratings thanks to the American Idol lead-in. Forget the fact that the kids in the show are obviously pros brought in to act precocious. Forget all of that.

What gets me is that the powers that be feel the need to dumb everything down so much that even the title of the show leaves zero doubt as to what the game is about. it's the same school of thought used in Hollywood whereby any and every sequel needs to be a repeat of the original movie title with a sequential number tacked on the end - obviously American audiences are too stupid to figure out what is going on, and won't see the film.

Honestly, if this show was pitched 10-15 years ago, wouldn't you think the title would've been something a little more creative? Something like Beat The Geniuses, or Whippersnappers! if The Price Is Right was being pitched today by these clowns, it would end up being called Guess The Actual Retail Price, But Don't Go Over! I imagine Jeopardy! would end up as Here's The Answer, What Is The Question?

I wait for the inevitable next game show, soon to appear on Fox/CBS/NBC: Answer These Trivia Question To Win Cash!
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