Monday, May 14, 2007

I Don't Get It

Welcome to a new recurring feature, called simply "I Don't Get It" It's pretty self explanatory, though it could almost be subtitled "Get off my lawn you goddamned kids!", particularly this entry.

Guys who wear wool caps when it's 75 degrees outside. I don't get it. While typing this in a public coffee shop, I saw a guy walk in, about 30-ish. Since it's about 75 outside, he's got a T-Shirt and jeans on. So far, so good....except for the wool winter hat.

Is it fashionable? Maybe. If it was 1996, and you were 14.

Comfortable? I don't see how. The guy's head must be hot as hell. does it smell in there? My God, it must be awful once that knit cap finally comes off your head. Is it worth the alleged cool factor to smell like the inside of a gym sock? Ladies, help out here, do you find this sexy in any way?

By the same token, I see many of these same guys wearing shorts and tee shirts when it's 40.

They must be weather proof somehow. That is the only rational explanation.

Now, get the hell off my lawn!
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