Sunday, February 05, 2006

Rockin’ To An Early Grave, Baby

God, are we still having this discussion? This has to be a joke, right? This site produces a pretty comprehensive list of anyone who could be associated, however loosely, with Rock & Roll over the past 50 years, and who is now dead. The conclusion? Simple, really: getting involved with The Devil’s Music will lead you to an untimely demise. (Average age of the dead people on the list: 36.9). Honest. They provide scripture quotes and everything. Oh, and in case you forgot, it’s 1958.

Man, where do I begin? First of all, the list conatins such noted Demon Worshippers like John Denver, Karen Carpenter and Jim Croce. Would you even remotely consider any of those three “Rock” artists? No knock on them, but they sang nice songs, none of which would even be thought “dangerous” or “subversive”. Are they listed merely to pad the numbers, thereby making the list look more impressive? Should the really be listed anywhere on the same page as Tupac Shakur?

Second, some of the people (Promoter Bill Graham, for example, who was 60) had a pretty long life. Why didn’t this supposedly vengeful God claim these guys a lot sooner? Sure would’ve saved a few more souls, I imagine.

Finaly, how do these self righteous folks sleep at night? Thousands of “good” people die every single day, some tragically at young ages. How is this explained by these folks? “God called them home early, as He needed them.” So, presumably “good” folks (like 8 year olds with cancer) die before their 30th birthday because they are needed by God, but Jimi Hendrix died because God disapproved of his lifestyle choice? Why did He let some members of Lynrd Skynrd survive the plane crash? Why did he take Ozzy’s guitarist, Randy Rhodes, and not bird biting nutjob Ozzy himself? Why did He let Kurt marry Courtney? I have so many questions!

Most artists are people who tend to live outside the mainstream. Some of the greatest painters the world has ever known would be considered, well, a bit “off”. Van Gogh cut off his freaking ear for God’s sake! There is an obvious correlation between troubled people and good art. After all, since when do really shiny happy people create lasting, memorable art? Musicians are no different, many being troubled souls, which could lead to some pretty bad choices like drug abuse, alcoholism, or associating with some unsavory characters. This makes them human, not damned, and if the art they produce helps one person through a tough time, or just makes someone’s day better, how can that be a bad thing?

The bottom line? Shit happens. People die. Nobody really knows why. The ones who do know are dead, so they can’t enlighten us. Instead of spending time condemning people for choices they made while alive by claiming you know what God wants, why not take the time and money you’re wasting on spreading this garbage and help someone?

I plan on corresponding with these people, and will publish any responses I get. Should be fun!

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